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Join our team

To become a Viparisian means...

  • Becoming part of the European leader in hosting large-scale events in the world's leading tourist destination.

  • Joining an exceptional human adventure thanks to passionate employees who are invested in the success of Viparis and its clients.

  • Expressing, sharing and developing your talent in order to grow in your profession and provide the best service to our clients.

  • Participating in large-scale projects for all types of events, including conferences, trade fairs, corporate events and shows.

  • Committing to our CSR policy in favour of better mobility, a controlled ecological footprint, sustainable partners and the mobilisation of all.

Viparian's benefits

Everyday life & Parenthood :

  • Transport: Viparis will pay for 70% of public transport season tickets instead of 50%.
  • Teleworking: Possible, depending on the position, up to 10 days per month
  • Health insurance: Over 60% of the amount you pay will be covered
  • Holiday bonus: €150 bonus paid in May to employees on permanent contracts
  • Childcare bonus: €120 bonus paid per month to employees who place their children in external care (up to the child's 3rd birthday)
  • Maternity: 2 weeks maternity leave offered
  • Co-parenting: Salary maintained during paternity/co-parenting leave if 1 year's seniority

Exceptional leave

  • Bridge day: 1 paid day offered for the end-of-year festivities
  • Moving day: 1 paid day offered in the event of a move
  • Long-service leave: Additional paid leave offered every year after 5 years' service
  • Days offered for family carers: 2 paid days per year offered to employees who look after disabled, elderly or frail people

Disability policy

  • Days of absence: 2 paid days of absence per quarter to carry out disability-related administrative procedures.
  • Handiproline: free hotline
  • 1,000€ relocation grant
  • 1,000€ or business travel
  • 1,000€ towards a driving licence
  • 1,500€ for adapted personal equipment


  • Introduction of meal vouchers with a face value of €10, of which €6 is paid by Viparis and €4 by the employee.
  • Basket bonus: payment of a €13 basket bonus under certain conditions


  • End-of-career part-time work: 80% part-time work paid at 100% in the 6 months prior to retirement.
  • Health check: ½ day's paid leave every 5 years for a health check for employees aged 55 and over.
  • Skills assessment: under certain conditions, Viparis will pay for skills assessments for employees aged 50 and over
  • Retirement information: ½ day of information on retirement for employees aged 60 and over

Employee savings

  • Group Savings Plan (PEG): Investment funds to boost savings
  • Plan d'Epargne Retraite d'Entreprise Collective (PERECO): Investment fund to save for retirement
  • Mandatory profit-sharing payments
  • Profit-sharing payment if results are positive
  • Compte Epargne Temps (CET): Possibility of saving days on the CET

The steps to follow

Thinking of applying ? We have developed a recruitment process to get to know you. Together we look at how you can fit in and develop your career with us.

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Each recruitment is an event

Welcoming a new person to our team is an important moment for us. We also know that joining a new company is a decisive moment in any career path. That's why we do our best to make it easy for you to get started.


Here's how it works

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