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Our values

Our values


You will have responsibilities and participate in major projects that help shape your career and ambitions


Constant progress thanks to tailor-made training courses.


Professional relationships based on conviviality, knowledge sharing and celebrating diversity.

Viparis focuses on your talents

Becoming a Viparisian means joining a dynamic team at an innovative and responsible company. Viparis, an events industry leader that puts people at the heart of its commitments.

We pay particular attention to team diversity, well-being and gender equality.

Over the years, we have worked hard with our teams to create a working environment that is fulfilling and conducive to the development of each individual's talents.

Our management vision

At Viparis, we want to provide more social opportunities for our employees and invest in our internal training courses. Pursuing our CSR ambitions is also a key priority. Every year we take action to reduce our carbon footprint, improve accessibility across our venues and build sustainable partnerships.

Audrey Montecatine

Director of Human Resources at Viparis

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    of employees completed training in 2021

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    women, 51% men

Gender equality is very important to us

We work hard every day to ensure that gender equality is respected within Viparis. We are proud to have achieved almost perfect gender equality in 2021.


We obtained maximum points in 4 out of 5 categories and can be proud to respect an almost perfect parity. The differences in remuneration can be explained by the constraints of the calculation methods but also by differences in experience or scope. We are committed to improving every year and are very vigilant on gender equality issues.

Gender equality at Viparis

  • Difference in promotion rates


  • Return from maternity leave


  • High salaries


  • Pay gap


  • Difference in pay rises


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