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Our values

Our values


You will have responsibilities and participate in major projects that help shape your career and ambitions


Constant progress thanks to tailor-made training courses.


Professional relationships based on conviviality, knowledge sharing and celebrating diversity.

Our vision

Know the company’s strategy, be aware of the importance of its action and its impact on our customers' satisfaction and collective performance, thrive in its missions: it is a work on experience and talent management that we carry out with and for our employees. How? Through our internal academy, our ability to entrust broad responsibilities and promote internal mobility, or to encourage our employees to invest in solidarity actions.

In addition, we are proud of our commitments and results in terms of diversity and parity, which are an essential strength for Viparis!

Audrey Montécatine

Director of Human Resources at Viparis

Viparis focuses on your talents

Becoming a Viparisian means joining a dynamic team at an innovative and responsible company. Viparis, an events industry leader that puts people at the heart of its commitments.


At Viparis, diversity is embraced in all its forms. We firmly believe that every individual contributes to the richness of our community through their unique perspectives. Our mission is to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for all. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability, we are dedicated to honoring and celebrating diversity. By fostering an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect, our aim is to cultivate a workplace where each person feels not only accepted but also valued and appreciated.

Key numbers

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    of employees completed training in 2021

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    women, 51% men

Gender equality is very important to us

We work hard every day to ensure that gender equality is respected within Viparis. We are proud to have achieved almost perfect gender equality in 2021.


We obtained maximum points in 4 out of 5 categories and can be proud to respect an almost perfect parity. The differences in remuneration can be explained by the constraints of the calculation methods but also by differences in experience or scope. We are committed to improving every year and are very vigilant on gender equality issues.

Gender equality at Viparis

  • Difference in promotion rates


  • Return from maternity leave


  • High salaries


  • Pay gap


  • Difference in pay rises


Development of skills

Training courses

These are personalized training programs for all Viparis professions. These are aimed at all Viparis employees, whatever their position. It's a way of :

  • Facilitate integration through presentations designed to help employees get to grips with the Viparis ecosystem.
  • Accelerate autonomy on the job through the transmission of business methods and tools.
  • Ensuring day-to-day skills enhancement through customized training for each position. Enable career development with training programs designed over 2 to 3 years.

A professional interview is held every year between the manager and his or her employees to discuss training needs (excluding career paths). 

Career Log 

A tool that gives each employee an overview of the company's positions, the possibilities for career development, and possible horizontal mobility (same department but change of position), vertical mobility (promotion) or transverse mobility (change of position within another department).

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