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Our solutions

Event, by its very nature, is movement.

It is an understatement to say that our industry embodies this momentum, in a world that has now entered the era of permanent transformation. In this new world, the DNA of events is also transforming, with the disappearance of the boundaries between physical and digital as well as between different business segments.

For Viparis, operator of the Paris destination, it is now flexibility that is paramount in our venues by offering not only various uses in our spaces, but also value-added services for participants, whether they are shops, restaurants, hotels, or leisure activities.

Symbols of this new era, our infrastructures, our technological solutions and our service offering are ever more flexible.

Our ambition is to improve our welcome with the Guest Attitude, our quality of service with Re-invent Facility Management or ViparisStore and the advice we provide to all those who wish to make a success of their event in Paris. From a property manager, Viparis has become a service platform and a destination facilitator; French Event Booster as well as the Paris Leaders Club are the figureheads.


Our support for events industry professionals

Having the right partners is essential for a successful event. Viparis can provide comprehensive support for any event. Our solutions are perfectly tailored to the infrastructures of our sites.


Inventing the events of tomorrow

Faced with unprecedented challenges and change, events sector professionals are being forced to reinvent their practices. Since 2018, Viparis has been providing support with our French Event Booster (FEB), the first events sector-specific innovation platform.