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About us

Our CSR commitments

Our sustainability strategy


Making better events: 

  • it means offering exceptional, innovative venues for the events of today and tomorrow; 

  • it means fostering the creation of value with our ecosystems, clients and partners in our territory. 

Our approach to social and environmental responsibility has evolved since its 2018 version and is now based on 3 pillars referring to the pillars of sustainable development: Better for the Environment, Better Heritage, and Better @ Heart. 

As event venue operators, we protect both a tangible and intangible heritage. Every day, one event is built and another is dismantled. We want to do more than simply make venues available: to make visitors dream, to be of service to them, to engage our partners, to respect nature and its resources, and to mobilize our teams. 

To deploy our sustainable development strategy at the level of each venue, we set up a community of SD ambassadors as of 2016. They occupy different positions in the company and have been chosen for their motivation to relay our commitments to sustainable development. Their involvement, their dynamism are the guarantors of the implementation of our strategy. 

Our customer promise

Venues & services for sustainable events that create value.

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Audrey's testimony

"Viparis is a player that is fully committed to an event industry that is more respectful of our environment, more inclusive, and creates value for all our stakeholders: clients, partners, and local actors.

From our 1st ISO 20121 certification in 2014, to our membership in the Net Zero Carbon Events initiative, we have strong CSR ambitions, in line with our convictions, expressed in our Better Events 2030 strategy."

Audrey Montécatine

Director of Human Resources and CSR


Pierre's testimony

"Better Events 2030 includes 3 objectives: reducing the ecological footprint of our venues (Better for the Environment), ensuring the positive legacy of each event by offering more and more sustainable services and by joining forces with committed partners (Better Heritage), and building loyalty and value in our teams, who are the success factor of all our ambitions (Better@Heart). 

It is a collective work, with all Viparisans and our community of "sustainability ambassadors", a real lever of commitment, inspiration and awareness." 

Pierre Darrason

Sustainable development manager

CSR book

Always more eco-responsible services for our customers, need inspiration? Our CSR Book is at your disposal (reuse partnership, eco-designed stands and furniture...) 

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