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Our solutions

Our CSR commitments

Palais des Congrès d'Issy is fully committed to making events more environmentally-friendly, more inclusive and more value-creating for all stakeholders: customers, partners and local players.


Better for the Environment

Keeping our neighbours in mind

  • Biannual meetings with local residents,
  • Contributing to Paris’s cultural calendar.

A fully accessible site

  • Wheelchair available at the reception area,
  • Moveable ramp to access the stage,
  • Exterior call button to request assistance from staff.

Reduced consumption

  • Taps fitted with aerators in 75% of our washrooms,
  • Lighting in 75% of the Palais’s spaces operated by motion sensors,
  • Installation of LED accent spotlights.

A commitment to biodiversity

  • Installation of 3 rooftop beehives,
  • Greening exterior spaces, including trees.

A waste treatment policy

  • Sorting of paper, cardboard and plastic,
  • Communal areas equipped with duo recycling bins,
  • Collection and recycling of cigarette butts,
  • Composting of green waste,
  • Waste bins for Covid PPE.

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