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Our divisions


The Commercial Division is dedicated to our partners’ success.

Its a day-to-day mission is to understand our partners’ needs, support them for the duration of their project and provide the right solutions at the right time to ensure their event is a success.

Our Jobs : 

Sales: Renting out event spaces according to the needs expressed
Sales: Administrative management to support the sales team
Design Office: Produces site plans to be sent to clients.
Emotions : Sales development and organises resources for the Emotions sites.
RM: Optimises space occupancy planning
Innovation / French Event Booster: Reinventing practices to meet the challenges of transformation / Incubating start-ups dedicated to the events industry.
Media catering: Develop revenues from catering concessions.
Marketing: Experience and customer pathways (signage) on venues and venue positioning.

Marta's experience

I really believe that internationals conferences enable progress in scientific or medical research... with an impact on society. This is what gives meaning to my work.


Deputy Executive Director Sales & Marketing Division


Eric's experience

After 15 years of commercial experience at the Palais des Congrès de Paris, I have joined the Viparis team again. The challenge of my job is to identify international associations holding major congresses in order to convince them to organise their events on one of our sites.

Our ecosystem in a few words: it's a world that brings together all the event industry professions that coexist and cooperate to make our clients' temporary events essential.

My team is made up of different men and women with multicultural and multinational profiles who all have a sense of customer service. Are you curious, do you listen to others, and do you want to join teams that contribute to the success of Viparis? You are in the right place, don't wait any longer to apply!


International Business Developer at Palais des Congrès de Paris


Vincent's experience

The events sector is rich and exciting, I meet a lot of people from different backgrounds who are all extremely passionate about their jobs. I develop real links with my professional relations, the notion of network is essential in my daily life.

I love what I do, I work on my projects from A to Z and feel great satisfaction at the end of each event because it allows the work done over weeks, months or even years, for certain projects, to be materialised in a concrete way.


Event Lab Manager at Palais des Congrès de Paris for 2 years


Justine's Experience

Since 2018, I have been a project manager for the Viparis Emotional Places (which are outside the context of traditional congresses and trade fairs). I provide personalised services for impactful events, while offering added value to our clients.

My job is very complete: qualification of requests, marketing of the site and various services, accompanying the client in the production up to the post-event closing.

To be a Viparisian, you need to have a good sense of customer relations, love events, meeting people and sharing.

What are the advantages of joining Viparis for me? Joining a stimulating and challenging environment!


Project Manager at La Serre, HSR


Angela's Experience

I recently joined Viparis and I have to admit that I was blown away by the welcome I received.

I was given a tailor-made integration programme, which helped me to quickly feel at ease in the company and in my job. Everyone who joins the company receives the same welcome. The integration process reflects our general welcome policy: the Guest Attitude.


Marketing and Communication Department Manager