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  • from 2/12/2023 to 2/12/2023

  • 18:00

  • Palais des Congrès d'Issy

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FREE PLACEMENT - Running time 75mn -  From 6 years old

Choreography, direction: Blanca Li

Musical direction and arrangements:  Tao Gutierrez

After original music by: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Fundación recording of The Nutcracker

Orquesta y Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid conducted by Rubén Gimeno

Lighting Pascal Laajili                  - Costumes Laurent Mercier

Video Charles Carcopino            - Sets and props BlancaLi, Charles Carcopino

With 8 dancers : Daniel Barros del Rio "Dany Boogz", Daniel "Sifer" Delgado Hernández, Jhonder Gómez "Bboy Mini Joe",Silvia González Recio, Graciel Stenio Lisboa Recio "Grazy", Lidya Rioboo Ballester, Elihu Vazquez Espinosa, Asia Zonta

Additional music: courtesy of Sony Music

Publishing Universal Publishing and Warner Music

Mixing and mastering Max Miglin a MG Studio

Choreographic assistant Margalida Riera Roig 

Costume assistant Anna Rinzo

Lighting assistants  Solange Dinand and Claire Choffel

Video assistant Simon Frezel 

Assistant Video Graphic Design Jean-Baptiste Carcopino

Commissioning and Production Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar

/ Suresnes Cities Dance 2022 Festival.

Delegated production Compagnie Blanca Li.

With the support of Cités danse connections and Teatros del Canal de la Comunidad de Madrid. Center chorégraphique de los Teatros del Canal, Comunidad de Madrid.

Blanca Li offers a hip hop and modern version of The Nutcracker, a marvelous tale whose music is unforgettable. Blanca Li is choreographer and jack-of-all-trades artist, director of the Teatros del Canal in Madrid. She is a regular at Suresnes cities and has been dancing since the very acclaimed Macadam Macadam in 1999. Here she offers a new creation inspired by one of the most beautiful ballets in the classical repertoire.

Blanca Li has always dreamed of reinventing the timeless and popular Nutcracker story with her own weapons: hip hop, interbreeding and a shock team. With the energy of movement and dance, she tames Tchaikovsky's musical masterpiece in a re-orchestration surprising and urban and makes it vibrate in the footsteps of eight virtuoso dancers. © Dan Aucante

“Breaks on the ground and standing styles, sometimes spiced up with voguing arm games, challenges in a circle, the acrobatic exploits radiate this insolence of overflowing life.

They also make the scenario foam. Unrestrained, the eight dancers, all high-level technicians and otherwise good actors, multiply the numbers. »

TIME: 18:00


FREE Placement

Full price:  52€

Isseén price: 38€

Reduced price*: 32€

Price 13-25 years old: €26

Child price: 20€

* Large family - PMR - +65 years old - Job seekers

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