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Industry, research and science
Expo Professionnelle


  • from 4/25/2023 to 4/27/2023

  • 25-27 avril 2023 / 9h – 18h


  • Paris Nord Villepinte

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JEC World gathers the whole value chain of the composite materials industry in Paris (France) every year and is “the place to be” for composites professionals from all over the world.

The event brings together not only all major global companies, but also innovative startups in the field of composites and advanced materials, experts, academics, scientists, and R&D leaders.

JEC World is also the “festival of composites”, offering a unique showcase of what composites can offer to various application sectors, from aerospace to marine, from construction to automotive, and an unlimited source of inspiration for participants from these industries.

Comment y accéder ?

    • Public transport
  • The venue has a Visitor Access and an Exhibitor Access.

    Visitor access

    Take exit n°2 from the A104, then on arrival at the venue, choose car parks P1, P2 and P3 (your choice).

    Exhibitor access

    Take exit n°1 from the A104, then on arrival at the site, choose the other car parks.

    Car parks

    From midnight to 6am, rates are €0.80 (15 minutes) from midnight to 6am. From 7am to midnight, the rates are €20 (the day).

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