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  • from 12/9/2022 to 12/9/2022

  • 19:30

  • Palais des Congrès d'Issy

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PINOCCHIO  - the musical tale-

FREE PLACEMENT -  Duration 80mn - family show

From 5 years old

Directed by: Sandra Gaugué                                 Farru Decor

Costumes: Corinne Rossi:                                    Masques Julie Coffinières

Choreography: Julia Ledl

Production: ID Proscenium / Double D Productions

Let yourself be transported by the extraordinary adventures of the mythical puppet in a universe of mischief and laughter.

Naïve and a liar, but also curious and courageous, Pinocchio will find his place in the world with the help of his friends Cricket and the

Blue Fairy. This timeless and modern fairy tale will immerse you in the magic of a true hymn to childhood. 

Emotion, poetry, humor, acrobatics and songs are on the agenda  of this great musical show!


Free placement

Full Price:  52€

Issuee Price: 38€

Reduced Price*: 32€

Fare 13-25 years old : 26€

Children's fare : 20€

* Large family - PMR - +65 years old - Job seekers

How to get there?

    • Airplane
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