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Jam Capsule - New immersive exhibition

Since February 17, 2023, JAM CAPSULE offers a new immersive exhibition, "A night under the full moon", directed by François de Riberolles.

In the manner of a learned tale where science and poetry are mixed, A Night Under the Full Moon retraces in different chapters three billion years of relations between the Earth and its satellite. Different paintings successively tell of the mutual attractions of the two stars, the Moon's influence on the elements, the natural and biological rhythms that it imposes on the living, the landmarks that it offers to all civilizations, and the imaginations and fantasies that it arouses.

By multiplying the shots, mixing animal documentaries, archival images and 2D animations, mythical stories and scientific approaches, A Night Under the Full Moon plunges visitors into a unique experience, sometimes cognitive, sometimes contemplative, sometimes dreamlike, sometimes anthropological, which reminds us of the very important place the Moon occupies in our lives.

This story is recited by Cécile Brune.

This immersive exhibition is adapted from the documentary Moon, written and directed in 2015 by François de Riberolles. A great traveler, passionate about the polar regions, François de Riberolles is a French writer and director of documentaries. He has contributed to many animal documentaries, including La Marche de l'empereur in 2005, before becoming interested in volcanoes.

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