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FEB - Discover the Web 3.0 startups dedicated to the event industry


French Event Booster has launched its first class of Web 3.0 startups dedicated to the event industry, find out now!

  • Nefture

    Agency specialized in Blockchain development and helping project holders as well as companies to create NFT collections in an easy and secure way

  • Keru Project

    Interface to collect one's memories in the form of NFTs without any need for technical knowledge

  • Xplrr

    Platform that allows businesses to access the Metaverse with a single click

Watch the replay of the Web 3 event held at French Event Booster last month:

Will the next class of startups be dedicated to impact in events, do you know any impact startups in your circle? Share the call for applications with them:

The gas pedal is organizing an event on the topic alongside this AAC: