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Audiovisual & Multimedia

The rise of augmented events, mixing physical and digital experiences, has changed the way we conceive, produce and experience events. New avenues are to be explored to enhance the content of your event, to reach a larger and more distant audience, to create links and engage your community. To respond to these changes in the sector, Viparis offers you innovative solutions.

Events are changing, and so are our offers.

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Our partners

Prevent technical issues and live contingencies.

In order to best accompany you in the broadcasting of your event, Viparis has selected for you technical partners of reference. Magnum (Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, Salles du Carrousel), MVISION (Palais des Congrès), VITC (Palais des Congrès) and JPB Audiovisual (La Serre) will ensure the video, sound, light and tradition direction of your productions.

Give your visitors a state-of-the-art event. And a good connection.

The public's demands for technology have never been greater. Your visitors expect a consistent quality of connection, regardless of the time and location of your event. In order to guarantee this connection and a smooth navigation to your visitors, Viparis offers you a wide range of connectivity. Wifi terminals, LED screens, PCs and Macs, TV boxes, video projectors and sound tools: everything you need to meet their expectations, we have it on hand.

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