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You will find below the list of our referenced caterers, as well as a presentation of their offers.

For each of these caterers, we indicate an overall rating established by the organizers who ordered a catering service on their event by evaluating the following criteria: the commercial relationship, the quality of the products, the quality of the service and the value for money. In parentheses, is indicated the number of evaluations received to establish the overall score.


Butard Enescot

Receiving is an art...

As a trendsetter and talent scout, Butard Enescot has always placed creation at the heart of its Catering-Reception Organizer business. Its high precision, inspired and refined cuisine sublimates noble raw materials to offer you dishes of emotion. Butard Enescot's chefs combine passion, creativity and know-how to offer your guests exceptional culinary moments. 

Average rating: 8.96 / 10 (5)

ISO 20121 certification

Cousin Catering

Passion for service and taste for over 40 years

Catering for your professional events for over 40 years, Cousin Catering offers refined culinary art, service tailored to your requirements and custom solutions to make your receptions exceptional moments.   

Average rating: 9.43 / 10 (12)

ISO 20121 certification

Dalloyau Receptions

Tell us what you want, we'll turn it into reality!

A break or meal tray for a meeting, a welcome cocktail at a trade show, a luncheon cocktail or a gala dinner... From gastronomy, to service to scenography, trust DALLOYAU to carry out all your events.

Let's build together your tailor-made gastronomic project! 

Average rating : 10,00 / 10 (1)

ISO 20121 certification


The Signature of your receptions

For more than 50 years, Duval has been offering you a gastronomy highlighting the origin and the quality of the product. 

Specialist in corporate events as in the organization of international events (congresses, conventions, symposium...), our House combines creativity and authenticity, listening and responsiveness. We offer a customized offer to meet all your requirements from 10 to 15,000 people (cocktails, gourmet breaks, meals, lunch bag, booth/exhibitor catalog...).  

Average rating: 8.83 / 10 (5)

ISO 20121 certification

Kaspia Receptions

Kaspia Congrès

Kaspia Receptions is inspired daily by the culture of the delicatessen by choosing the best of the sea and the best of the land with the desire to sublimate their flavors without transforming them too much. Our team of chefs thus offers a mastered menu, in the air of time and a simple, seductive, creative and resolutely turned towards excellence. 

Average rating: 7.80 / 10 (1)

ISO 20121 certification


Creator of emotions

For more than 60 years and for each of the events it organizes, the House has made the choice of an artisanal and generous cuisine, an elegant and attentive service as well as a true contemporaneity in the decor. 

Large events, trade show catering, gala dinners, cocktail parties or meal trays ... In France or abroad, our teams implement all their know-how and expertise to serve your desires.

With a single ambition: to offer you the emotion of a moment of shared gourmandise.

Average rating: N/A

ISO 20121 certification

Potel and Chabot

The label of prestigious receptions

Potel et Chabot accompanies you for the customized organization of your conventions, product launches, seminars, congresses, fashion shows, gala dinners, corporate parties in all the venues offered by VIPARIS. 

Gastronomy, service, staging, we put all our know-how into action so that the guests of your event spend an unforgettable moment.

Feel free to connect to our YouTube channel by clicking on this link

Average rating: 10.00 / 10 (2)

ISO 20121 certification

Raynier Marchetti

Creative solutions for all your events

Since 1968, Raynier Marchetti has revisited the catering spirit with simplicity and high standards. Free of the superfluous, gastronomy gives pride of place to the freshness of the products, the authenticity of the flavors, the generosity of the plates... Our artisanal culinary know-how is recognized and carried by a team of professionals, trained in the workings of the trade and in the selection of the raw materials. Because a good meal is a shared meal, our Chefs strive to remain in the realm of truth, respecting the products and offering every day a tasty and friendly cuisine. 

Average rating: 8.46 / 10 (11)

ISO 20121 certification

Riem Becker Group

360° nomadic gastronomy

Event catering, a reference since 1924, a trendy cuisine that gives pride of place to dishes combining modernity and French gastronomic heritage.

The leader in packaged catering delivery in Paris, delivers 7/7 days to your stands & congresses, an impressive variety of gourmet moments.
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Japanese catering, unique in PARIS offers a refined journey for exceptional events.
Ayamé Shop - food truck catering - sushi distribution. 

Average rating: 8.04 / 10 (18)

ISO 20121 certification

Saint Clair the Caterer

The sense of tailor-made for your congresses, trade shows, conventions and corporate events

Partner of your most beautiful events for 35 years, Saint Clair le Traiteur works every day to offer you inspired and friendly cuisine, served with care and adapted to any circumstance. Our teams are at your disposal and will accompany you in the conception of your customized reception. Boldness, enthusiasm and generosity animate us every day, without forgetting of course the efficiency and the passion to receive which remains our greatest quality to share with you. 

Average rating : 8,40 / 10 (2)

ISO 20121 certification

Catering Tees

Under the guidance of its two-starred resident Chef Thierry Marx, Té - Créateur d'instants imagines your reception by reconciling know-how, meaning and modernity.

Beyond its exceptional gastronomic services, Té stands out for its strong social and environmental commitments.

In order to offer you ever more sustainable events, our menu created in our eco-designed culinary laboratory includes more than 70% responsible products, we have implemented

event logistics optimization, training of our teams in sustainable development, systematic waste sorting and organic waste recovery.

As a human company, Té - Créateur d'instants carries a large-scale project inscribed at the heart of its identity: integration through economic activity.

A mature initiative of our own, for one more step towards a sustainable and united society.

Involved in a positive and optimistic spirit, our teams spread a communicative energy that fully participates in the extra soul of your receptions.

Average rating : N/A

ISO 20121 certification

Grand Chemin

Authentic family caterer

You choose your caterer by its quality/price ratio, its creativity, its reputation...? 

What if you took into account environmental to win our paradise without greenhouse gases or pesticides?while continuing to organize beautiful events!

This is the subject that has obsessed Grand Chemin for quite some time now, and this is why this atypical caterer, directly from (a few years ago anyway) the agricultural world, decided to take the bull by the horns and pass the second...of his tractor!

In 2020, it will no longer be enough to sort your waste, work with seasonal products and make demagogic sleeve effects to become a committed eco-responsible actor!

GRAND CHEMIN, offers you a useful catering solution!

A team of great professionals experienced in the event business, a beautiful seasonal menu, fresh, reasonable and ecoresponsible, a rigorous commercial follow-up, an unbeatable quality/price ratio.......and the pleasure of doing well as a bonus.

Average rating: N/A

ISO 20121 certification