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Our divisions

Venues and Operations

Our Venues and Operations team works hard to bring our partners' projects to life.

The team's mission is to provide them with comprehensive support for every stage of an event, from the very outset until the end of the event.

Our Jobs : 

  • The Technical Operations Department manages the technical aspects of the venues and the implementation of operational services.
  • The Exhibition Support Department advises customers on the organisation of their event.
  • The Exhibitor Service guides exhibitors in their technical choices.
  • The Purchasing Department manages the purchase of supplies, services and works.
  • The Technical and Construction Department coordinates technical services, maintenance and construction work.
  • The Logistics Department organises and optimises the various pedestrian and vehicle flows.
  • Safety and Security ensures the safety of the sites and the adaptation of resources to threats.

Rémi's experience

The three qualities needed to do my job are: listening, rigour and confidence. You have to know how to prioritise and organise your work. I immediately recognised myself in what Viparis represents, whether it's the values, the sites or the team. If I had to sum up Viparis in three words it would be: passion, contact and flexibility.


Technical Operations Director at Villepinte and Le Bourget

Mounia and Paris' experience

What's the best thing about Viparis? It's a caring company that doesn't hesitate to give everyone a chance by entrusting it with large-scale projects.

Mounia and Paris

Technical and Event Coordinator at the Palais des Congrès de Paris and Parc des Exposition Porte de Versailles

Ophélie's experience

Being a Project Manager at Viparis means being the client's main contact, from the design of the event through to its closure. 


Project Manager at Le Palais des Congrès de Paris


Blandine's Experience

After working for more than 12 years for exhibition organisers, Viparis offered me the opportunity to join the Palais des Congrès de Paris a little over a year ago as Deputy Technical Director. My role is to deliver the services sold to our organisers and exhibitors.

I attach a great deal of importance to good cohesion within my team and to creating a partnership with our service providers, which is essential for serenely meeting our clients' needs.

Joining Viparis means joining a continually evolving events world and working with passionate teams! 


Deputy Technical Manager at Palais des Congrès de Paris

Céline's Experience

The challenges are incredible, it never stops! [...] It's an exciting environment. 


Site Director

Benoist's Experience

The company is a really good choice, a challenging choice, with a company that supports us on a daily basis and allows us to train and continue to perform in our professions.


Technical Operations Director at Palais des Congrès de Paris