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Our solutions

Off-site logistics

At Viparis we are entering a new phase: Porte Maillot is being transformed, regulations are changing and we are all, individually and collectively, committed to working towards a new, responsible future. Against this backdrop, we are reinventing our logistical approach.

To optimise logistics at the Palais des Congrès de Paris, Viparis will centralise deliveries at an off-site storage facility and then route them to the venue in consolidated, scheduled shipments.

What are the advantages for you, organisers and exhibitors?

  • Streamlined setup and breakdown of events

  • Reduction in the number of vehicles

  • Upstream deliveries to the facility

  • And more…

This new initiative will make logistics operations more efficient and help us to better address traffic issues in Paris. At the same time, reducing the number and type of vehicles on the streets and easing congestion helps Viparis and the city of Paris meet their environmental objectives.